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This book was created to be an interactive tool young girls could use to get into the modeling industry. It focuses on one fact that is glossed over by magazines and modeling reality shows- that modeling is a business. And to be successful in that business you need to know the basics. This kind of thing at sixteen seems irrelevant and frankly quite boring. But it’s more important than a pose and certainly more important than the right walk. Because when applied properly strong business practices can set a young girl up for life. And that’s where my inspiration came from. I saw many model friends who got to a certain age and wondered where their money was. All of a sudden the phone stopped ringing and it was over. Sob, sob, I know, but truthfully no one tells you that at the start. It actually does come as a surprise to many people. The lack of future insight (and the lure of awesome parties) also means that most girls who get into the modeling industry don’t have a back-up plan. They don’t have a savings plan and they are shoved out into the real world with no skills other than a killer smile on their CV. Ouch. So, to help young Aussie hotties get their face and brain out there I wrote this book. The intention is that it will inspire a smarter generation of women. I just hope it works.
The idea behind this eBook was to create an interactive tool that young girls could use to get into the modeling industry and carve out a successful career.
It focuses on fact that modeling is a business. And to be successful in that business you need to know the basics. And when I refer to basics I don’t mean clothes.
Models have the potential to earn a massive amount of money at a young age, but often spend it, leaving them uneducated and broke when their career is over. Simple things like negotiating commission, paying tax and a savings plan are never even discussed. 
That’s where Beauty & the Brain comes into play. It’s a tool wrapped up in a fairytale style language to keep users engaged and entertained. Inside is a list of reputable agencies, the functionality to email them, advice on health, beauty and how to set good business practices in place.
The goal is to empower young models to make the most of a hard industry and set themselves up for life.
The book itself is supported by a microsite with the ability to purchase the book from either Amazon Kindle, or iTunes. There is also a Facebook page that addresses issues relevant to the idea of modeling as a business.
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