It’s Christmas time and you’re in charge with creating the Christmas Card. So what do you do? To show August’s digital prowess we didn’t send a card, we created an experience.
In a politically correct world where you can’t reference anything Christmassy (so as not to offend your non-religious clients) and you can’t reference trees because you may offend the greenies, your options can quickly run out. Our task was to create an August Christmas communication that showed off the agency's digital skills.
We explored one universal truth about Christmas. At that time of year, no matter where you work, you’re pretty tired and in desperate need of a holiday. This became the core of our idea, and we used the latest technology to explore it.
'Have a Holiday On Us' was a virtual holiday that clients could enjoy to break up the monotony of their day. It was a completely immersive experience to ensure that they felt relaxed after the visit. When they landed on the website they were greeted with optional activities. Once selected, all they had to do was activate their webcam and they were catapulted into an idyllic scenario.
To make sure it felt like clients were really there, we integrated head movement tracking software with the high quality video. This meant, when you moved, the scene moved. Clients could then share the experience with friends and family, along with a postcard eDM.
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