New Zealand. A country where everything is beautiful. But for how long? With 100 tonnes of waste accumulating every year, things change. But without rubbish on their doorstep how could Kiwis see the need to curb their wasteful ways? Our task was to encourage Kiwi’s to recycle (and change their indifferent mindset) with no above the line media.
Use the digital space to communicate one simple thing: do good, get good. Strategically we appealed to one universal truth. We made sure that if you recycled, there was something in it for you.
We called it “It’s a Karma Thing.”
The campaign started with QR codes on over 1000 Love NZ bins, in over 260 towns, with the help of 120 local councils and 7 local MP’s. Once the geo located codes were in place, we created an APP that allowed people to scan and receive randomly allocated points (called Karma Kredits). These points could then be used to bid on auction items on our website. The ‘It’s a Karma Thing’ website was a fully functioning mini ebay. Users could bid on awesome prizes with their recycling Karma Kredits. And bid they did.
Over 270,000 bids
Since bin installation over 150 tonnes of material has been collected.
Which equals 1050 saved trees
Saving 1110 meters of landfill (the size of 10 football fields)
And over 40,000 items recycled over 6 weeks.
Which means a 12% decrease in landfill.
And most importantly, a shift in awareness.
Thanks to the ‘It’s a Karma Thing’ campaign 48% of New Zealanders now recognise LOVE NZ recycling bins. Recycling has become something that is simply in their nature.
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