Our challenge was to raise awareness of the role ofAustralia’s 2.6 million unpaid family carers; those people who look after theirfamily members who may be frail, aged or have a physical or mental disability.But there was one catch: there could be no paid media.
Our response was to create an event that was to be aworld-first 24 hour nonstop orchestral concert at Melbourne’s premier venuethat told the true story of caring as it had never been told before. Just ascarers have to find a way to keep going, so did our musicians and all those whohelped them during the concert.
We staged a continuous 24 hour orchestral concertat Melbourne’s premiere arts venue in front of 6,500 people reaching 13.4million Australians and an international audience (through the live webcast) in over 40 countries with a message that they hadn’t heard before –without spending a cent on media.
To help promote the campaign, we enlisted the help ofAustralia’s Prime Minister, our Head of State the Governor General and two Federalministers. We found 20 of Australia’s top celebrities to lend a hand and toplay a role in the orchestra.
We made the concert a unique social media experiencewith the #impossibleorchestra trending on twitter in Australia during theevent.
The campaign was hailed by the editor of Australia’spremier marketing blog Mumbrella as “The most beautiful, powerful and sensitiveadvertising idea he had ever seen”
Impossible Orchestra Case Study 
Impossible Orchestra Print
Care Aware website featuring the live webstream
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